It is not easy learning to live in a different country. I am sharing my experiences and hope someone will find it useful whether living here in Greece or any other country.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


The days are getting hotter, and staying inside is a good idea.  Having some ice tea,

or just taking it easy watching television, or taking a nice nap is my way of spending a hot day.

Going out in the evening for a walk and stopping by a coffee shop, or having a little

cup of ice cream, makes for a relaxing evening. Your doggie, if you have one will appreciate

the walk after spending a day inside away from the blistering heat.

Just a few simple things will help make a better day.

If you must go out remember the hat, umbrella, sunscreen, bottle of water and wear

light colored clothing.  Take small walks and never get in a hurry.  Sit down if you feel dizzy

or start sweating too much.

These few simple things will make your day a little better.


~~~CcP~~~7-30-2013life is simple

Sunday, July 28, 2013


A two hour bus ride and beautiful scenery along the way takes me to Tolo, Greece.
Although it is a warm day, the beach and clean waters will soon be refreshing.
 The sand is warm and relaxing to tired feet and healthy for your body.
One of the best hotels I have experienced while in Greece. Warm, relaxing,friendly
staff, clean and well maintained property. You can relax at the pool and enjoy a bar drink
or just take a short walk down the road to the beach.

For the shopping folks, there is all you can ask for. Postcards to send to the friends
and relatives back home, toys and beach supplies if you have children, grocery
stores for some food things if you have a small kitchen in your room.

This is by all means the night life city. You can have a nice meal at a sidewalk cafe,
take a short walk down to the beach and catch one of the most beautiful sunsets you
have ever seen.

Check for plenty of information on Greece if you are interested in visiting


Saturday, July 20, 2013


The sun and beach is fun and relaxing, good exercise and swimming too!  Before taking on
a day or two on a weekend I do a little homework, and plan exactly what I want to do,
how I plan to get there, how long to stay and so on.

Tourist season is here and plenty of people. Sad as it may seem there our people out there
just waiting for your wallet, purse or anything of value. I take in the sights, but still keep
an eye in my surrounding. While you are mentally involved in that phone call someone
or some people could have you in mind for an easy target. Best advice is to never go alone,
group travel is great, because of the guide and bus schedule, so you know exactly where
to go and when to return.

Today I went to the National Archaeological Museum, which is the largest archaeological
museum in Greece and one of the most important museums in the world devoted to ancient
Greek art.
 Very interesting, and unbelievable history, once in a lifetime
experience for me. A few hours in the museum, a little walk
down the road, and boarded a tour bus for a couple hours
ride to a sunny warm beach for a little sun and cool swim.
Made for a relaxing day.

Accomplishment for the day:
Learned some more of Geek History.
Got some well need exercise.
Plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

Best advice I can give before heading out: do a little planning, check out schedules, make
sure the place you are going is open. Take a bottle of water, (you will need it).  Beware
of your surrounding.
The best old time advice, The Early Bird GetsThe Worm...


Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Sure the country is beautiful, plenty of sunshine, warm days and relaxing evening,

whether over-looking a balcony or taking a evening walk.

But to tell you the truth Greece has it's problems like any other country in the world.

Jobs are being lost everyday, unemployment lines are longer, the list goes on.

I guess if a person is retired and living here in a retirement status, things are not

bad, considering you don't have to work or be dependent on the government for

your needs. Or maybe I should say, hoping the government will come to your needs.

To roll it all up it is basically a live one day at a time country.  One never knows what

the next day will bring, but that is the same all over the world. So I guess it depends

on where you want to live, how bad you want to live.

Greece was my choice.